Tuesday, June 1, 2010

monkey mend

i finally got around to fixing up the sad little sock monkey i rescued from a thrift store. it’s been sitting in my craft room, blind and hemorrhaging its fluffy white innards, for weeks now. mending projects always take me longer to get to than shiny new ones.

my mom took a few pictures of the yoga monkey before class:

she was very well received.

i’ve been pretty sick for the last two days. i spent just about all of yesterday in bed. the worst symptoms are the exhaustion and weakness...i can deal with feeling like shit, but being drained of energy is incredibly frustrating. i’m also headachey, congested, sore-throated, nauseous, bitter. it seems to be letting up now though.


Tammi Thiele said...

Sorry you not feeling well. Get well soon!

Emily said...

thanks! i feel way better today.