Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hello nasty; planting my wife’s leg; summer proper; sushi spread; peanut butter soy-gasm and other awesomes

my tea kettle nasturtium opened its first flower today:

the alaska mix nasties are just barely out of the ground but i’m looking forward to those blossoms for a bit of variety. i do love peach melba though.

the chocolate mint was (surprise surprise) attempting a hostile takeover of the teacup planter. so i cut off all the runners and put them in containers to propagate, and just a few days later they’re taking off. yesterday i came across this beverly nichols quote about asexual propagation:

"Do you not realize that the whole thing is miraculous? It is exactly as though you were to cut off your wife's leg, stick it in the lawn, and be greeted on the following day by an entirely new woman, sprung from the leg, advancing across the lawn to meet you. Surely, you would be surprised if, having snipped off your little finger, and pushed it into a flower pot, you were to find a miniature edition of yourself in the flower pot a day later."

more nichols quotes here.

summer is here, finally, for real. it reached a high of 92 today, the highest temperature in boise since september 16, 2009. it hasn’t rained in three days and the ground was super thirsty--i ran the creek-water sprinkler hose constantly all afternoon and well into the evening. it’s supposed to drop back down to the lower/mid-80s for the rest of the week, until monday when a high of 96 is forecasted.

the raspberry forest wasn’t bothered one bit by the chilly spring. i don’t expect any raspberries this year, but next year, watch out.

i made a veggie sushi platter for dinner...

and two new ice cream flavors for dessert: peanut butter with dark chocolate chips (a.k.a. “peanut butter soy-gasm”), and hazelnut coffee with dark chocolate chips and white chocolate macadamia crisp (a.k.a. “choconutty 2x café crips”).

now i’m just sitting here with the window open, enjoying the cool summer night air. summer! and there’s nothing i have to do right now. that feels so, so good.


GoneferalinID said...

Again, a great post! I hope our "nasties" bloom, I accidentally planted them in amended soil near soaker hoses. I didn't know they are happier in poor soils.

Emily said...

thanks! i hope you get blooms too--what variety did you plant? the ones i've got going now are all in crappy old potting soil that they seem to love, but the alaska mix are in amended soil...who knows, maybe it won't make that much difference.