Monday, June 14, 2010

andy and the outbuildings

andy heard a noise coming from inside one of the outbuildings at the cabin and became convinced the structures hid some very interesting creatures that he very much wanted access to.

he patrolled those sheds tirelessly...

he even tried to pry open one of the doors, but it was locked. i could’ve helped him but i was trying to remain neutral.

he gained entrance to the chicken coop for the first time in a while--it had been stuffed with bags of yard waste for probably five years, then a few weeks ago my dad had a bonfire. anyway, apparently it smells fascinating in there. andy spent a good fifteen minutes sniffing every inch of the floor, stopping to cock his head and listen and dig or point at whatever invisible thing, while reed and i watched and giggled, egging him on by whispering “what’s that?! what is it munchie?! get it! get the kitty!!” and making scratching noises on the walls. when i called him off he came out with whiskers full of spiderweb and stubby little legs all covered in chicken dust.


JJ Beazley said...

Yeah, Andy! Want more about Andy, please.

I have rats in my garden, and I generally get on quite well with them - even the one taht's learned to get on the birds' peanut feeder. But now I have cats as well.

Something is decimating my broad beans, eating the ones where the dead flower point is just starting to form a pod. Slugs?

And the little tomato still isn't growing - still about a foot high, but it has a truss with eight flowers. I reckon it must be an undisclosed dwarf variety.

Emily said...

i’m glad you’re such an andy fan. he really does have quite a number of admirers, some of whom haven’t even met him, it’s pretty bizarre...but i won’t tell him his fan base now spans two countries. i don’t want the fame to go to his head.

what a clever rat! that sounds very cute. i hope they’re all clever enough to evade the kitties.

sorry to hear about your beans...slugs you have earwigs there? slugs and earwigs are my two main problems, so i continue to go out every night with a flashlight to collect and relocate them. have you tried searching for the culprits at night?