Saturday, June 12, 2010

back yard archeology

i found an obsidian arrowhead in my garden today. it had been in the ground where i planted corn--dug it up days ago, didn’t recognize it right away because it was clumped with dirt, tossed it into the pile where i throw rocks that are in my it caught my eye and i picked it up and examined it. what an unusual and exciting thing to find in one’s back yard.

as a kid i used to look for arrowheads in my yard. i expected them to be there.

i keep thinking i’m done planting seeds, then finding more bare nooks and it was more sunflowers, corn, sugar snap peas, nasties, basil, beets, kale and prickly caterpillars, and two new additions: love-in-a-mist flowers and rattlesnake pole beans. i also bought asparagus starts but haven’t found a proper spot for them yet.

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