Thursday, June 10, 2010

bloomin' nasties

today when i got home i didn’t even go in the house, i went straight to the back yard where i was greeted by a whole mess of masturbations.

sunny, 80-degree days while i was gone, so the garden went nuts. i don’t know what’s better: being tantalized, seeing it all unveil slowly when i make my rounds every few hours every single day; or coming home and indulging in the glut of all that’s happened in four days, all at once. pardon my inebriation.

the rose bush is in bloom...

and golden zucchinis have already opened three flowers.

even these pansies, which i bought the very first day pansies appeared in the grocery store, then pretty much killed by leaving them inside in a dark corner, gave up for dead multiple times...they’re back. zombie pansies. zambsies. i used to hate pansies...i thought they were so boring and common, the flower equivalent of cookie-cutter houses...i never understood the point of their existence until i learned they’re edible. now i can also appreciate their preternatural hardiness.

i picked another handful of radishes, a bundle of collard greens and my first pak choi. i think i left the pak choi in the ground longer than was necessary. i’m used to seeing them as thick, chunky white stalks with dark green tops, but the variety i’m growing is apparently more slender and lighter in color. (there’s no photo on the seed packet). still just as yummy, but not quite as big and pretty.

i need to go pick some peas, too. the vines are over four feet tall now, and so tangly i can hardly see or reach many of the pods, but i know if i leave them on too long the plants will quit producing.

the burgundy bush beans, yellow wax beans and gonzos are doing well, but i experienced damn near 0% germination on my blue lake bush beans. i don’t know what happened to them, only three came up (out of around two dozen), only one of them had a single cotyledon leaf, and now only that one is growing, the other two are hopeless stumps.

i keep finding more garden helper friends...

i brought home some wild onions collected on a hike in mccall:

these wee little ones blanketed every clearing in ponderosa park. i’m thinking about planting them. i’m not very interested in growing anything from the allium family because i like growing things that taste good raw and don’t smell bad, plus root vegetables piss me off because i can’t watch them grow. but these are so cute.

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