Sunday, June 21, 2009

don't forget to tip your drag queen

since i have a million pictures of pride to post i thought i’d break it up a little, with one post consisting entirely of drag queens and kings.

pride revelers were treated to entertainment by the imperial sovereign gem court of idaho and lipsinc (“idaho’s first professional female impersonation troupe”). i was glued to the stage most of the day. i’ve never stayed at pride (or any outdoor festival i can think of) for an entire day, but this year since i was taking photos for the magazine i wanted to catch everything, so i was there from 10:30 to around was exhausting, but so fun!

mistress of ceremonies minerva jayne:

lots of the performers wore very impressive headdresses:

after s/he ditched the peacock hat, this performer did a flip off the stage. s/he also did a cartwheel out in the crowd. amazing!

^this kid was adorable. he got up to hand one of the performers a dollar bill, and his eyes went sooo wide. i think he was both fascinated and scared shitless.

the ladies of lipsinc put on orange jumpsuits and performed a group number, “cell block tango (he had it coming)” and “when you’re good to mama” from chicago.

^the bois of boise drag kings.

this performer was one of my favorites. however, s/he was having a bit of a tucking problem...and who wouldn’t, with that tiny little strip of silver fabric, it was practically a unfortunately i had to crop most of the photos above the crotch, or hope for obstructions, like in these three. but s/he’s so gorgeous! i felt like i was photographing a model. this picture turned out especially cool:

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