Wednesday, June 17, 2009

mccall kayaking

my first attempts at kayaking! it is so beautiful and relaxing out on the lake.

mustard-in-mustard! i felt like such an adventurer. my second night at the cabin, at around 8pm, i very suddenly realized that i wanted to go kayaking. there was only a bit of daylight left, but i thought i knew just the spot to go, and i just had to do it. so i threw the kayak in my car and drove around the lake for about 15 minutes to this sandy beach where i've hung out a few times before. there has never been a current in this spot that i've seen, but because of snow runoff, there was a fucking current. it was a little scary.

i also wasn't aware that you have to wear a life jacket and a whistle to go kayaking (we never did locate the whistles that my parents supposedly bought...) so i had neither. i quickly learned that i knew nothing about how to hold the paddle, and had some serious difficulties fighting the current, so i didn't stay out long but i decided to hit the current-less lake later on. what a huge difference that makes.

i wish my waterproof camera took wider-angle drives me crazy. you can't even tell i'm on the lake in this picture, i could just be sitting in the kayak on solid ground. i really was on the lake though. here's katherine and mihai on the lake in the tandem boat:

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