Sunday, June 14, 2009

pride! and other updates

i'm getting a little tired of mccall photos so i thought i'd take a break for other important things. important thing #1: boise pride is this saturday! the rally is on 6/20 starting at 10:30 at city hall. then the parade ends in ann morrison park for the festival. i'm taking photos of it all for diversity, as well as the les bois awards on friday at the VAC. i can't wait!

i hope the photos turn out well because i feel the need to redeem myself. a lot of the pictures i've had printed in diversity have not looked very good, including this month's's the history:

above are the first photos i did for them, of TCC's facility and a board meeting, along with some headshots. the lighting was bad to begin with, but then i made the mistake of editing all the photos for color, not realizing they'd be printed in black and white. you really can't convert color photos to black and white without doing levels adjustments and expect them to look any good. so they were already not so great photos, with the added bonus of being printed very dark and low contrast. i know it doesn't matter that much, but i was pretty disappointed with myself.

i felt a little better about these:

the one in the middle and the bottom center are mine, the rest were done by a couple other people from my service learning group. i'm pretty ok with these. but then this month the editor wanted to print one of my heavily-photoshopped pictures from pride last year on the cover. i was thrilled, but nervous because it's a very dark picture that relies on bright neon outlines...and indeed, it does not look so good:

it looks like a big colorless block. here's the original picture. how i convinced myself that this might look good on the cover of a newsprint magazine in a square format with white borders i do not know:

wishful thinking. oh well. so i need to do a ton of kick-ass photos at the awards and pride, and then i'll feel better. i think i can do it.
the rest of these are recent nature pictures, mostly from the nature center...

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