Monday, June 22, 2009

planet pride

spherical panoramas are my new love! i think this one might be on the cover of diversity next month. i just gave amy all the photos this afternoon and she's putting the magazine together tonight, and will hopefully get it out the door by wednesday. pride's going to be in the centerfold.

i tried to organize these somewhat, starting with the rally, then the parade & floats, then friends, then performers, then random people, things & dogs.

monica hopkins is a seriously amazing public speaker. she gave the same speech she did at les bois awards, but i didn't mind hearing it again. at the awards i recorded audio of her speaking and i need to post it on's over 10 minutes so i have to split it in half first.

^lion's pride float. aren't they adorable?

^this flag looks like a big gay slip 'n' slide! i wish they had dragged it over to the fountain, we could've had an amazing time.

^liby with her new husband jarrett.

^lindsey (right) and her friend liz wearing necklaces i made! i saw quite a few people who were in my gender studies class last semester. and i sighted my ex’s posse, but didn’t see her, and i managed to avoid everyone, so that was fabulous.

i was thinking about how much drama goes on at pride every year, and wondering how the phenomenon could be explained without falling back on the stereotype that the GLBTQIA community just naturally has more drama than the rest of the community...and i came up with an idea: QCF. queer concentration factor. here we are, a minority defined by who we love, and on one day out of the year we all get together and celebrate; so of course there’s going to be more drama than in the general population. boise’s a small place so there’s a somewhat small pool of gays, which means everyone knows and/or dates everyone. if heterosexuality was the minority and they all got together once a year they’d experience the same kind of drama. QCF.

^spoony, valerie, and zoe.

zoe got her face painted.

they got her a little pair of wings:

^minerva jayne entertaining the crowd.

^last year's "queer idol" winner performed, and they held the queer idol finale. i love how you can see the crowd in his glasses.

this woman should have won queer idol, she was amazing. she performed "black velvet" with a fabulous voice and also seriously awesome stage presence. there was another woman who also did a fantastic job, despite having a chest brace on after being hit by a truck, but she didn't win either...some not very impressive guy won.


^i very much enjoy taking pictures of people who are having their pictures taken by someone else. whenever i get the chance to swoop in on a photo like this i am all over it. while i was taking pictures some guy took a picture of me, then came up and explained that he likes pictures of people taking pictures--i wish he’d taken a picture of me while i was taking a picture of people having their pictures taken.

^these people made me smile!

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