Saturday, June 13, 2009

mccall sunsets

i got incredibly lucky with sunsets while i was in mccall. some nights it looked like the sky was on fire. one night something special happened...i kept seeing tons of symmetry, like in this photo, one of my favorites from the whole trip:

not only is there horizontal symmetry, with the subtle reflections of clouds and mountains and figures in the water, but also there's the pair of boats in the background mirroring the pair of girls facing each other in the foreground both on a vertical axis. i'm so glad i caught that moment.

here it almost seems like the shoreline is mirrored in the clouds.

this picture would be kind of trite if it wasn't for all the symmetry, and the long shadow in the foreground, and the guy to the far right. at first i was a little disappointed that that figure was sitting down, but now i think it adds interest. i think the fact that he's apart from the group and not a subject in the photo being taken makes him the main subject in this meta-photo, despite how highlighted the central figure/focal point is.

there were really dark, demonic-looking clouds coming up over the mountains. it looks like they're about to rumble with the light puffy ones.

i'd never tried panning a sunset before.

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Kaesi Ashden said...

I enjoy the last sunset pictures, great color.

And in response, all those family blogs talk about the same things, scrapbooking, couponing, etc. And they all read each others blogs, and meet up and have play dates, and talk about their wards. Idaho needs more variety!

BTW I made you a linkbar you can grab it if you want, it is on my blog sidebar :)