Friday, June 19, 2009

inserting a nampon

i got the grand tour of nampa yesterday when i went to take pictures of melissa robinson. after the interview amy drove me around to get stock photos of nampa for the magazine. nampa actually has some cool places...

two of them, anyway. this historical museum looked pretty neat. and the flying m coffee garage is so SO much better than boise's flying m.

it's huge, with cool decorations, and they have unisex bathrooms! strange how something so simple can excite me so much.

^this is just the first floor. the second floor is even awesomer. amy said it used to be a firestone tire place, and they used a lot of the old fixtures. it really still looks like a garage.

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Kaesi Ashden said...

you have seriously been missing out on the perks of the 2c my lady!