Wednesday, June 17, 2009

mccall misc.

final mccall post! these first few pictures are downtown at night. in the above photo you can see the lake and mountains in the background (i point that out because reed thought the lake was a fence, and i can see how it looks that way.)

^wasp's nest on the ceiling of the garage patio.

^i love the lighting in this photo, although i desperately need to mute the sky. no time to do this now though.

^the grinch after a fight that resulted in his left eye swelling shut.

^i guess there used to be a pay phone here...i liked how this cord was hanging off the side of the building.

^scum pool by the cement company.

^the cabin's river rock foundation.

^summer concert series at crusty's pizza. some terrible alt country band was playing when i wandered by. it still looked fun though.

^this gang of matching cruisers was mysteriously parked by the lake...nowhere near a bike shop, and they weren't for sale, they were just there.

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