Thursday, June 11, 2009

mccall flora

when i was hiking around ponderosa park i came across this gorgeous orchid growing in the middle of the forest. katherine helped me identify it as a calypso orchid.


^katherine collecting four-leafed clovers in the front yard at the cabin. she found a ton.

^trout lilies

the back yard was a forest of dandelions...

and wild strawberries! they were everywhere and i can't wait to eat the berries. i love the way their leaves collect dew in the morning.

i was actually up in the morning on more than one occasion...serious morning! before sunrise!

^a patch of wildflowers at ponderosa park

^pretty blue flowers growing out of moss-covered volcanic rock. very tiny!

the hops vines that crawl up the sides of some of the outbuildings literally grew about five feet just in the week that i was at the cabin.

tulips in the garden...below is a picture showing the hops on the day i got to the cabin. the day i left they reached at least a foot above the top of that window. it's a little bit day i left a watering can too close to the vines and the next day it was enveloped. i had to untangle them from around the handle. fucking sci-fi.

^katherine wanted to ID this one...

the growing season in mccall is about a month behind boise, maybe more. the cherry trees were just starting to bloom when i got there, and the apple tree in the back yard just popped as well.

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