Wednesday, June 17, 2009

mccall sky & water

this is going to be an intense week of photoing and blogging, so i'm going to try to finish all my mccall series tonight. tomorrow i'm taking photos of the transgender woman who's running for mayor in nampa...i can't wait to meet her, this should be really fun. then the les bois awards, then pride! aahh! how is it mid-june already? good lord.

i'm also freaking out right now because of two photoshop tutorials i just discovered. the effects are incredible...and they shall remain a mystery until i get some proper photos to work with. i tried using stuff i already had, but they're both very specialized sort of things that almost require the photos to be taken with the effect in mind. god i can't wait. i hope i get some sleep tonight because last night i was up all night turning my pop qwiz blog post into a podcast (it turned out fabulous!) i'm just fucking wired, and overstimulated, and it's uncomfortable.

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