Thursday, June 11, 2009

mccall fauna (& andy)

i met this deer in ponderosa. she seemed pretty tame and was hardly interested/bothered by me.

andy's such a good little adventurer.

he got so sandy and muddy, just days after getting a nice bath. my car is still filthy...

the birds were super excited when i filled their birdfeeder. there are so many beautiful, colorful birds in mccall...lots of american goldfinches, grosbeaks and crossbills. also a very pretty woodpecker that was hanging around the garage, and a hummingbird that paused midair to stare me down before whizzing past my ear.

^some kind of crossbill. interesting article about crossbills in idaho here.

^giant stonefly. these things are super friendly. one of them kept landing on me while i was taking pictures by the lake one night, and another landed on katherine then on me while we were at the beach. she was worried they might be some kind of tree-destroying beetle but when i got home i looked it up in my kaufman field guide, and it is just a sweet harmless little giant stonefly. so cute!

an osprey flying above the lake.

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